Importance on temperatures that you are printing at.

Importance on temperatures that you are printing at.

Are you new to 3d printing like me? I am going to share some information on what I experienced this weekend while performing more testing with my AnyCubic Mega-S printer.

My task was to print a RSA Token/Badge holder that I found on Thingiverse. I dialed everything in on the single print and wanted to mass produce these items for some guys at work. So I made 5 fit on my build plate and made them line up in a X formation. I have uploaded my version to Thingiverse for others to use.

During my first attempt of making 5 badge holders I imported a new profile into my Simplfy3d slicer and did not remember to change the extruder temperature from the 215 degrees back to my normal 190 degrees that I normally print at and learned a valuable lesson and why it is important to print at the correct temperature for your filament.

At the temperature of 215 degrees the filament was essentially just melting right out of the extruder and was dripping everywhere and causing over extrusion on the print and strings of filament to where ever the print head moved to.

Here is a great example what temperature does to filament that is being extruded from the printer. As you will notice the higher the temps the more stringing occurs on the print. So you will need to perform multiple tests with your printer and each filament that you have to ensure you find the sweet spot to print at.

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