MakerGadget Innovator Enclosure

Over this past weekend, I built the MakerGadget Innovator enclosure for my Prusa MK3s printer. I will give a review of this unit as is. This is not a sponsored post or have I been given anything in return for my review.

It took about 1 hour to get everything attached and finished. I would recommend having a nut driver and a Philips head screwdriver and a SECOND PERSON to assist with holding the back of the screw head while you drive the nuts onto the screw. Once you get a few of the walls up it can become tedious to do it solo.

There are detailed instructions on the MakerGadget website along with an instructional video. So it is easy to follow and offers great advice on how to build the case quickly.

Things that I have issues with this enclosure:
1. The weatherstripping that is provided for the front door is miscut and not cut to fit the actual enclosure door size.
2. The frame that the panels attach to could be notched so they could make a proper cube. If you look at the above picture you can see a slight misalignment of the door. This is due to the right panel not being fully seated because the frame was not square.

Testing and Temperatures
The sound was muffled a little bit and the heat was contained pretty well. The humidity also stays pretty low while the door remains closed. I do plan on installing my own fans for intake and exhaust soon so I can vent the fumes and heat out when I would like.

I have done a few test prints since the enclosure was finished. 1 print is done in PLA and the second is in PETG. The highest temperature in the enclosure for PLA was 87 degrees Fahrenheit. I took a video and it is hosted on TikTok.

TikTok Video Link

PETG reached 93 degrees Fahrenheit

In conclusion, I would recommend this to others if they are looking to tidy their workspace and print high temp filaments.

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