Which CoreXY Printers Are Available?

Recently I have been researching CoreXY Printers due to my Prusa MK3S not having enough Z axis space to some prints that I would like to do. While I was researching suitable replacements, I came across 3 printers that could be great contenders for each level of experience of the user.

Entry Level

Creality Ender 6

Creality New cubic Ender-6 3d printer with higher precision and quick printing speed(3X Speed) in Core -XY Structure. In terms of size, the Ender-6’s 3d printer build volume of 250 x 250 x 400 mm puts it right between an Ender-5 Pro (220 x 220 x 300 mm) and the CR10 series, which starts at 300 x 300 x 400 mm. This should suffice for the majority of your daily print jobs.
Elegant Appearance: Ender-6 with a new look integrated all-metal chamber body matched with a transparent acrylic open door and blue corner. Enclosed Performance but Not TOP LID;
Ultra Silent Printing: Ender-6 is custom-built with an ultra-silent Germany-imported TMC motion controller, enabling the printing process won’t make any noise. TMC-2208 motherboard always ensures smooth movement in silence;
Large Printing Size: 250*250*400mm;
Stable Core -XY Structure: Ender-6 is easier to make the printing more stable and more precise with core-XY mechanical structure and quality print nozzle;
3X Printing Speed: Works quite well to achieve print speed up to 150mm/s, delivering the results faster.

Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon
Cost: $569.00 USD

DIY/Mid Level

Tronxy X5SA

Here is a DIY Kit that is on the cheaper side and offers a robust setup to get you printing quickly. The print area is 330x330x400MM

  • Core XY structure design, full belt drive, higher stability and printing accuracy, ensure the quality of the model; Dual Z-axis design, increase the bearing capacity of the hot bed, reduce errors in printing, and print more finely.
  • X5SA DIY assembly, providing complete parts and tools. The paper manual, SD card with an electronic version of the instructions and a link to the installation video. Assemble and debug by yourself, enjoy the fun of DIY assembly, possible to achieve unlimited innovation and transformation of appearance and performance, so as to meet your ideas and creativity. This process takes some time to install, debug and learn, which is quite challenging for novices, more recommended for experienced user.
  • Silent motherboard and high quality power supply. TRONXY silent motherboard adopts German imported TMC ultra-quiet motor drive chip,allowing the printer always running at low decibels. 360W high-quality power supply, the power supply system is more stable and safe.
  • Full functions, support Automatic leveling, Manual leveling, Filament detector, Power failure resume to print functions and other basic functions.

    Amazon Affiliate Link: Amazon
    Cost: $329.99 USD

Voron Designs 2.4

Taken from: https://docs.vorondesign.com/about.html
The original goal of the VORON project, back in 2015, was to create a no-compromise 3D printer that was fun to assemble and a joy to use. It had to be quiet, clean, pretty, and continue to operate 24 hours a day without requiring constant fiddling. In short a true home micro-manufacturing machine without a hefty price tag. It took over a year in development, with every part being redesigned, stress-tested, and optimized. Shortly after the release a vibrant community formed around the project and continues to grow today. This community is part of what makes VORON such a special experience.

The Voron V2.4 by Voron Design is a well-engineered printer that looks very promising. It has a great community that loves its builds and is very well documented. This printer will take a fair amount of time to source all of the parts you need to start building this printer. That is unless you decide to go with a kit, just make sure you choose a kit that comes with a completed wiring harness if not you will have to make your own harness by hand.

Voron 2.4 Key features

  • All-in-one kit(Hardware, Mechanical, Electronics, Frames and All enclosed panels)
  • Build volume: Scalable
    • 250×250
    • 300×300
    • 350×350
  • Extruder: AfterBurner
  • Stock Open Source Voron V2.4 CoreXY design
  • High Quality magnetic flexible PEI sheet
  • Enclosure: High-Quality Fully Enclosed panels
  • Genuine gates belts for XYZ axis
  • High-level stainless steel linear guide rails
  • All metal titanium alloy hotend
  • Moving Gantry
  • Electronics: BTT Octopus/ Duet3D / Klipper

You can find kits that have been put together by 3rd party sources and they may have some dodgy parts as most of the kits are sourced from China and they will contain knockoff items.

Voron Design 2.4 Kit: AliExpress
Cost: $779.00 – 1,059.00 USD (Shipping may be extra depending on which warehouse you order from.)

Voron Design 2.4 3d printed parts: AliExpress
Cost: $100.00-115.00 USD

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